Are these prints for sale?

They are. I print editions of five in each of two sizes: 24" x 30" ($600) and 44" x 56" ($1000).

My second favorite part of what I do is working directly with collectors, so if you're interested, let's talk

Do you make larger than 56"?  

I can. Let's talk.

How big is each edition? 

Usually five prints. 

How long will it take to get my print?

I say a month, but typically you will get it much faster than that. I do make these by hand, and I run into problems now and then. Not often, but sometimes. If I'm very busy and it's going to be longer than a month, I will let you know.

Do you ship?

Of course! Happily! Always!

Do you sell the prints framed? 

Not usually, though I am happy to talk with you about what I've learned about framing these pieces well. 

Will you make me a collage and print set from my own materials? Do you do custom work? 

Of course! You can provide me with materials that you'd like to see, or a theme or thematic element. I can also work with a color. For every original and print set you order, I'll make you three originals from which you can choose. 

Let's talk!  

Do you work with Interior Designers? 

I'm honored to work with interior designers. In my experience, these talented professionals can be instrumental to ensuring the health of long term relationships. 

Do you print on fabric or canvas?

In 2018, I am exploring different substrates -- handmade Japanese papers, scrolls of canvas and fabric. Check back for news on my attempts, or send me a note.

Frequently Answered Questions