I collage tiny abstracts from scavenged paper -- a long-grown child's half-filled coloring book; a pilot's weather manual or her correspondence; Prohibition-era ledgers. Then I scan the original, and treat it as a photographer would a negative, rendering from it large, high quality ink jet prints. Prints are available currently at 24x30 inches, and 44x56 inches.

This scale exposes detail not otherwise visible: half tone dots, paper fibers, jutters in ink laid down by the nib of a pen in 1863. Handmade, one by one, the prints retain the shadows and texture of the original. The result is sensual, lush and rich, invitingly tactile.

A visual artist and writer and native of New Jersey, I have had the amazing good fortune to live for many years in view of the Rocky Mountains with novelist David Wroblewski.

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